Air Cassy!

(Our dog, Cassy, learns to fly!)

[Or as my friend, Suz, said: "Cool...air barf!"]

We're animal lovers, particularly big dogs...period! We currently have 3 (and 3 cats). Kiko is our old, 11yr old Shepherd. Once a dog of her days of traveling are limited to getting herself to/from the yard and the occasional trip to the vet. Nala is our 5yr old Norwegian Elkhound. She's a beautiful, sweetheart, but not the bravest adventurer!

But Cassy is our 1.5yr old Shepherd/Lab mutt and she's generally ready to do long as she can be out with mom and dad.

Greg and I enjoy flying to wonderfully, romantic places, like log cabin hide-aways hidden in the woods and lakelands of Northern if you wanna go with us,'ll have to learn to handle a plane ride! Cassy got her first lesson. She'd been known for a, ahem...nervous stomach...on most car rides. But this time...she came through it like a pro. Sorry to disappoint you, Suz...but no air barf...not even any car barf!

Cassy regularly rides in the convertible, so she's
already prepared with her, top rated, "Ruff Rider"
dog harness to keep her safe and secure.

("Does this thing come with a parachute???")

So, Cassy, you ready to go for a ride?

("You want me to get in WHAT????")

("OK, let's get this over with!")
("Oh geez...this thing is loud and it shakes! I refuse to watch!")

How's it going, Cassy?

("You guys actually LIKE doing this!?!?!?")

It was pretty hazy out this time, so we wouldn't be able to stay up too long today.

But this trip was in a Piper Archer (low wing) so the ride was very stable... the better to keep the barf down!<g>

And it was a HOT one! With about 80% was around 90 degrees...even into the early evening.

Below...those are all BOATS out on the Chain-O-Lakes.

As far as you could front and behind the wing...BOATS everywhere!

My sister's place on Fox Lake looks like the Kennedy Expressway at rush hour.

Man...I'm glad we're up here in the peace and quiet and
not down there in that mess!

Cassy looks a little concerned as we climb.
But soon seems to settle down and take it all in stride.
Our sexy pilot...enjoying the comfort of flying this type of plane.
You're getting sleepy... s-l-e-e-p-y!
Glad to see you're relaxing, Cassy.

("Yeah, I'm relaxing... do I have a CHOICE? But you're STILL gonna pay for this!

Remember those new shoes you bought? Yeah...well kiss 'em goodbye cos' they're HISTORY!")

Cassy finally finds a way to snuggle up to Greg's flight bag... and slobber all over his hat... while she enjoys watching the clouds float by.
And the beautiful sunset.
("You guys gotta try's pretty cool!")
Cassy doesn't seem the worse for wear.
And exits the plane like a pro...with no help.
("Yeah...well that's cos' I've got something I've gotta DO!")
("Now if you'll get that camera outta my face...grab some paper towels cos' you're gonna need 'em over here in a minute!")