Doggie in the Woods

You may have seen Cassy's first flight pictures. We wanted to see if she could handle flying in the Cessna, so we could take her to our favorite cabin in the Northwoods...Hayward, Wisconsin.

Well, she made it and this was our first trip taking our pup outta the city (Chicago) and into the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Talk about your sniffies! And Cassy also got her first swimming lesson!<lol>


Pic: cloud photo from out the window of the Cessna

It was a beautiful August morning in 2001 when we decided it was time to head back up to Hayward. This time...with one of our dogs, Cassy, in tow.

She'd already had a flight lesson to gear up for the trip.


Pic: Wavy clouds showing how the winds are picking up and the weather is changing.

But this trip had some wacky weather...blowing winds and a few storms we had to slip between.

Pic: From the window of the Cessna, about 6,000 feet up, a wide view of a bunch of interlocking lakes.

We finally get into the Hayward, Wisconsin area...Sawyer County.

The beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin!

Pic: From the Cessna, photo showing tons of green trees with a lake in the middle, from about 3,000 feet up.

And there's Moose Lake...dead ahead...where we'll be staying.

Pic: Photo from the Cessna showing a resort nestled in the forest, on a waterfront.

And there is the resort we'll be at...Virgin Timber Resort!

We discovered this wonderful hide-away a couple years ago by searching the web.

They're only an hour from town and hidden in those woods are beautiful 100 yr old log cabins!

Pic: A beautiful, little log cabin built on the side of a hill, covered in snow.

Here's a cabin picture from their brochure.

Virgin Timber Resort is located in the Chequamegon National Forest. Their log cabins date back to the 1920's, and each boast an original stone fireplace.

Pic: Inside the log cabin bedroom showing a simple, clean room with a comfy looking bed.

Very comfy inside, too!

Pic: Inside the log cabin, showing the sink by a window with coffee pot, toaster and stove in the shot.

All the comforts of home.

Pic: Pretty view of a lake with trees in the shot from a few hundred feet from the cabin screened in porch.

Nice view (through screened porch) and peaceful!

Pic: shot from the Cessna showing a light area in the upcoming sky, next to dark clouds to the right.

But since we're not flying a float plane...we have to circle around and go back to Hayward Airport to land and pick up our car.

But first we have to slip between a storm just south of the airport.

Pic: Out dog Cassy, a floppy eared German Shephard dog, looking down in the back seat of the Cessna, looking a little nervous and concerned.

Cassy is ignoring us, in protest I think, but I believe she'll make it!

Just don't barf in the flight bag, dog!

Pic: photo of the runway at the Hayward airport with a classic plane in front and our little Cessna in the background.

We land, ok.

NO...that's NOT our plane...ours is that tiny one peaking out from behind this cool big one parked in front!

Pic: side shot of Greg driving in the car.

We pick up the car and we're off for a beautiful drive into the our cabin.

Pic: Our dog Cassy sticking her head out the window with hear ears flopping in the breeze and a look of contentment on her face.

Cassy's not only happy to be on land...but is really diggin' up on these new forest sniffies!

Pic: Our dog Cassy suddenly looking very interested at something outside the window along the roadside.

"Hey! What the heck is THAT????"

Pic: A deer along side the road looking back at us.

"WOW! I've never sniffed one of THOSE in the city!!"


Pic: Greg standing there patiently looking back from the truck of the car.

"I suppose you want me to unload the car???"

Pic: Our dog Cassy on the cabin's open porch walking up to Greg's face to give hiim a kiss, wagging her tail happily as she walks over to him.

"I'll help you, daddy!"

Pic: Back feetie shot of Cassy jumping off the porch toward Greg.

Cassy runs to help Greg bring in our luggage.

Pic: Our dog Cassy under the porch using her nose to push the sand over a bone she's hiding under there for later.

Cassy busy unpacking her toys...and hiding a few under the porch for later.

(Dian writes down its location to make sure Cassy doesn't forget it before we leave.)

Pic: A very tired looking Cassy dog laying on the bed with her face planted firmly between two pillow and looking out at me like she could care less what's happening cos' she's going to sleep.

"OK...I'm unpacked! Nap time!"

Pic: Very close up shot of a very sleepy Cassy, barely keeping her eyes open.

That's ONE pooped pooch!

Pic: Our dog Cassy looking more refreshed walking out the cabin door onto the open porch.

But it's not long before Cassy is rested and ready for adventure!

Pic: Our dog Cassy sitting on Greg's lap on the porch, leaning very close into Greg's chest to stay close as she look curiously towards the woods.

First, a little investigating from a distance, in the security of daddy's arms.

Pic: Cassy still in Greg's lap, looking back at me with a look that says, you got a problem?

"Hey...whatcha want? I've never been in a place like this's a little strange!"

Soon it's time to go out on her own and check out the joint.


"Hey! I think I heard something down there!"

"It's A LOT easier jumping DOWN from this deck, than it is jumping back up!"

"Ahhh...those stairs make it a much easier trip!"

A little play time with daddy!

A little time to show off her tougher side!

And time for another snooze!

Speaking of float planes...Greg goes gaa-gaa when he sees a cabin aross the lake with their own float plane.

Later when we're heading to the lake with Cassy...we see he's getting ready to take off.

Everyone on the lake stops to watch!

How cool!

Now THAT'S how to travel when you enjoy slipping away to your quiet cabin on the lake!

Now WHERE'D I put that lottery ticket????

OK...back to Cassy. Time for a little (first) swim!

Cassy's never been in water. NOT like this. Her little yard pool, yes. But nothing like this!


She frantically tries to figure out how she's going to save me from this stuff!

Without getting in it herself, of course!

"Running back and forth...

...doesn't seem to help! "

"Getting.... there...

...seems to be the only way... save mom!"


"Hey! This stuff is WET!"

"In OUTTA here!"

I'd LOVE to know how they shake like that!<hee, hee>

Soon Cassy realizes how much fun it is in the water...and she's quickly back for more!

And more shaking! HA!!! (Nice look, Cassy!<lol>)

And a little underwater hunting.

And...underwater sniffing!

"WOW! That doesn't work too well!"

And...a little authentic dog paddling!

What a pro!

"Well...THAT was fun!"

A little quiet time to relax with daddy, dry off and discuss the day's adventures!

"Oh...and get daddy nice and wet!<hee, hee>"

And then it's time to call it a day and relax a little by the fire after a wonderful day!

"Nighty, night...Cassy!"