Flying to Hayward, WI

For Mother's Day weekend, 2001, Greg gave me a wonderful present (a fact confirmed by many female friends of mine "how thoughtful and sweet" [got that guys!!]).

My family originated, a few generations back, in Hayward, Wisconsin. So we had roots and had land there—where I spent most of my summers growing up. Until last April, I hadn't been there in 20-something years and missed it! Last April, I finally got a chance to go back there, when Greg and I drove up to Hayward. It was wonderful, but a LONG drive. I wanted to go back, but wasn't looking forward to that long drive, even if the convertible made it a wonderful drive.

So as a little surprise treat for Mother's day weekend...Greg NOT ONLY got me away from the kids for a weekend<g>...but he flew me in the Cessna back up to Hayward for a wonderful get-away weekend. And this time, the commute only took about 2.75 hrs! It was beautiful and wonderful to know we could be back up there (which we plan to do often) enjoy the beauty and relaxation of Northern less time than it would take to drive to/from the office during rush hour!


While Greg is doing his preflight check to make sure our plane is in top shape, I hang out in the parking lot and take a little video.

This plane is getting ready to take I'm hoping for a few shots of that.

But then I notice that a plane, which had just landed, is fueling I snap a few shots of this random butt crawling up the plane.

HA! Later I realize this butt belongs to Dana Holladay! Dana is a friend of Greg's and also the guy who got Greg flying. Greg met Dana at Palwaukee one day and he took him for a ride to see how he liked it. Obviously, Greg loved it. So Dana told Greg to head up to Westosha Flying Club and get going on becoming a pilot! Which Greg did.


There's Greg! Giving our plane its proctological inspection!
What a beautiful day to fly!
There goes that other plane we were watching previously.
And here comes Greg with our pony.
He lines it all up for me so we don't have to lug things far from the truck.
And here we go...
Picking up speed...
...and just like that, we're in the air.
Flying over the Wisconsin farmlands.
Greg tunes in the radio for the trip. No Top-40 here. Just a bunch of pilots looking for other pilots.
And I look at the poofy clouds.
I'm really looking forward to this trip and the start is beautiful.
SEE how friendly the clouds are!
And how pretty. seems they LIKE hanging out RIGHT where WE wanna be! At 7000 feet. We can't go higher cos' there's some military space up we stay down just below them at about 6000 feet. It's not as smooth here...but it's still a nice ride, in my opinion.

We start our navigation to Hayward...watching the ground and matching things up with the map. It's easy to navigate through Wisconsin cos' there are so many lakes by which to navigate.

I feel sorry for Greg's brother, Mitch, who flies a lot in the desert! (comment from Greg: Mitch gets to look at mountains to tell where he is. It ain't all bad<g>)

The clouds are pretty, even if they're RIGHT in our way where WE wanna be flying. So we stay a little low...adding a little time to the flight.
LOOK...crop drunken aliens!
Although this looks MORE like some alien's just a cool looking area of new homes.
This is some lake and marsh area. Looks pretty cool from up here...kinda like something growing that you'd find way back in your fridge!
Also kinda looks like the ice we saw earlier in the year.'s farm land!
But we soon start to move north...into more lakeland areas.
Like I's pretty easy to navigate with all these cool lake formations.
Although the cloud shadows can fool you into THINKING they're first.
This new river is taking shape...snaking its way across the land.
Getting further north.
Ah...our pilot, Greg.
Keeping an eye on flying... I can keep an eye on the cool scenery.
Neat. There's a dam down there.
Can you see it? 'bout NOW!
Pretty sunlight reflections off all the water.
Hummm...can you guess this river would be called Snake Head River or something like that?
Whatever it's lone boat is enjoying all that space.
Ahhh...Northern Wisconsin!
This is the Chippewa Flowage area...where RECORD Muskies are caught!
Yup...Greg's GPS tells us we're nearly to Hayward.
NOW you know why I love it up here!
Can't you just FEEL the monster fish down in there!

HA! Funny...for years I was married to a guy who called himself a fisherman. But he always whined to go to a little lake area where HE spent his summers. (The main reason why I didn't make it back here in 20+ years.)

Geez...he kinda missed the boat not going here with me, eh?<lol>

YUP...this area is called the Muskie Fishing Capital of the World!

Lots of incredible fishing up here.

So...can you GUESS why they call this "God's Country?"
There's a boat getting started on the weekend.
Drive in any direction from Hayward...and you hit a lake!
SO pretty!
OK...we're here!
There's Hayward!
And that's Nelson area of many fond memories for my family.
Buildings within Hayward are becoming visible.
There's the Hayward airport...but we're not headed there, yet. First a tour of the town...then out to Nelson Lake...then on to Cable where we have a room at Telemark Lodge...where we'll land.
Coming into Hayward airspace.
Hayward, Wisconsin!
Looking closely...we can see some favorite sites...
The gocart track is clearly visible.
The Namakogan Dam with *the logs* hiding to the left...a favorite ol' fishing spot.
The logs are hidden in those trees to the left...but you can see the powerhouse that used to serenade us as we fished....hummmm...hummm....hummmm.
Spent lots of time as a kid walking down to the beach...although that Muskie wasn't there, then.

National Freshwater
Fishing Hall of Fame.

We toured the Muskie...when we drove to Hayward last year...and we put a plaque up for my Grandmother, who grew up in Hayward.

See...BIG fish in Wisconsin!

Our old street, Dakota.

Notice they tore down the Moose Café! Now it's a parking lot for the Mocassin bar. AND our land was sold as a parking lot.


Shoe's pond.
The tour of Hayward is over...for now...and we're off to check out Nelson Lake and the Tatogatic Flowage.
Nelson Lake
The lake has a dam that flows the water down into a wonderful fishing area...accessible only by boat cos' it's all marsh out there.
And that straight line is Highway 27 on the drive to Nelson Lake...where I shot my new (at that time) 1974 Duster up to 110+ mph before I nearly @#$%@ and slowed down!
Tatogatic Flowage.
I can STILL see many of my fishing lures hanging from the wires above the dam!<g>
Lots of good fishing down there...where my brother caught a record Blue Gill...many years ago. to Cable and our hotel.


THAT bit of grass up there is OUR LANDING STRIP!?!?!?!?!


Greg tells me not to worry...the strip looks HIM.

But to looks like my front lawn and I'm starting to sweat.


But Greg was right.

My first grass was very nice!

As an aside, the lodge is right at Cable Union Airport (3CU) which is run by Wisconsin's oldest FBO (Fixed Base Operator), Libby Parod. Ms. Parod still mows that 200' X 2800' grass strip herself despite losing a leg to diabetes and she has been doing it for 50 years!! THERE is a woman who loves flying and the flying business!! The field is well lit, marked and cared for. Can't beat her fuel and rental car prices, either!

Sadly, we learned in June, 2005, that Libby Perod passed away. Below is an email we received from her relative who found this page on the web...

June 15, 2005
Hello Greg and Diane,
I read with interest of your flight to Cable and am passing on a sad note to those who have flown and had met Libby Parod. Libby passes away Monday June 12th [2005]. She will be resting in Chicago with her husand Carl who passed away prior to 1950. A memorial service will be held in Cable most likely next week...time and date hasn't been determined. I'm Brian Zinn From Eau Claire, WI. Libby was my great aunt. Thank you for crossing her path and tipping your wings at her airport. Which for what it's worth was renamed last summer and is now called Parod Field. Please pass the news to fellow fliers.
God Bless,

After we check into the hotel...we zip back to the plane and take off again to go get our rent-a-car back at the Hayward airport. (Didn't know Ms. Parod rented them, too!)
What a beautiful area, eh?
Too pretty!
I enjoy the ride...and a few minutes later... we are at the Hayward Airport.

Our plane enjoys its rest, while we get the car.

But the airport is planning to close Aug 2001 for a few weeks to refinish the runway.

Not QUITE as busy as O'Hare.

OK...I'm an animal lover, too...and hate to see animals killed for this type of thing.

But these cases were created at LEAST 40 years ago...and are a big memory in my life. I HAVE to capture these images....

They're part of the Mocassin Bar, which was across from our house...and the first place Dad would head after driving 12 hrs with a load full of kids and August...with NO air conditioning!
Record Muskie!
Details about this fish. It was caught in 1949 by Cal Johnson at Lake Court Oreilles, part of the Chippewa Flowage (Remember all those lakes as we were arriving? TOLD YA there were big fish in there!)
Nice guy, eh?
More memories...
One of my favs.

Telemark Lodge in Cable, Wisconsin.

This is a ski and golf lodge...that also has its own landing strip (which you saw us land on earlier)...and you park your plane right next to the hotel.

Pretty cool and it's also the home of many private plane fly-ins.

Our plane is parked right across the road from the hotel...pretty cool!

The Hayward Dairy.'s nothing more than a convenience store with a few dairy products and some ice cream.

Nothing special...anymore! :-(

But we head across the street to the coffee bar (which used to be the Sears catalog store) and get some coffee.

We also meet a wonderfully, sweet, 9+ month old dog, named Forest Gumper.<g>

Hi, Forest...

A pleasure to meet you. You make me miss one of my dogs, Cassy!

(Can't wait to teach Cassy to fly!)

Nice day, nice outside coffee lounge.
Forest and his mom. He's learning how to fetch...from the water...for hunting.
And he's doing a great job learning!

We need to make a quick drive out to Nelson Lake to meet the new owners of White Manor Resort. It used to be Clem's White Manor. Clem was a good family friend and we spent a lot of time out at White Manor.

Carol's holding an old picture she plans to have refinished and put up.

A small picture here, shows how the bar used to look...and how I remember it from all those Friday night polka dance parties!<g>

This is also the last place I saw my dad dance with my mom. Although he was then on crutches...he stood up long enough to twirl my mom a bit. A very heartfelt memory for me.

Carol...the current co-owner (with hubby, Bob) of White Manor Resort in Hayward.

She was really nice to talk with during our short visit and graciously put up with my reminiscing.

(By the way...if anyone out there HAS any old pictures from their days at White Manor...please send a copy or scan of it up to Carol! She'd LOVE to have them!)

This is how the bar NOW looks...although they did keep/refinish the original bar itself.
Kick in the backlighting filter to see the view...
They really opened up the bar area and added nice big windows on top, too.
We watched some really cool storms roll in through that view.
They've added a new pier...and John McSweeny's watch is STILL out there somewhere!<evil smirk>
The outside of the bar.

Greg straightens up the car so we can return it.

Above are the cabins at White Manor.

Well...time to head back to Chicago.

Bye Hayward!

SO pretty!
I LOVE this flying thing!
Appears to be a dam down there.

Hey...and there's our friendly cloud!

Hi bud...looks like you've grown a bit since we last saw you!<g>

Well...we're getting closer.

Can you GUESS why they call these the Twin Lakes?

And there are homes on that land bridge. Pretty cool having a lake in your front AND back yard!

There's Westosha Airport (5K6). But we're going to take a quick zip over to get some pics of my sister's house on Fox Lake...on the Chain of Lakes.
Heading to the Chain of Lakes to find Carol's house on Fox Lake.
Carol's place.
Getting closer...
and closer...
and closer!

From the back (or front if you're in a car<g>).

And one of those slips holds her boat.

You can sit on the porch and watch boats zipping along all a highway.

A zoomed out view.
Time to turn and head back to the airport.
But NOT before we squish Carol's house!<vbeg>
One last good shot for Carol's next party invitations.
There's the we're almost home.
Making a final turn toward the runway.

There's the runway.

Buffalo? Yup...there's a buffalo farm just the other side of runway 21. So you get to scare them before you land!<g>

Oh, and can you guess why they call these light planes bug-smashers?

There's the buffalo...and at the top you can just see the beginning of the runway.
See? Buffalo. Really...they are!
And there's the runway. We tip a little to deal with the light winds.
And we touch down.
Back to the taxiway to refuel the plane...give her a big kiss for taking us on a safe, fun trip...and put her to bed.

We drop off the keys and sign out in the Pilot's shack...and drive home.

Thanks Greg...for a wonderful trip. So WHEN can we go again...but this time, let's stay longer!?!