Hayward 2000

Great Gramma Rybinski's house and roses are gone.

As Joni Mitchell said..."they paved paradise and they put up a parking lot!"
After nearly 20 years, Greg and I skip town for a quick weekend adventure back to Hayward, WI in April, 2000.

A journey down memory lane for my family.

We're off to Wisconsin...Hayward to be exact!
There's C-H-E-E-S-E in the air. Must be gettin' close!
...and closer. Tomah! Tomah! Tomah!
Hummm...can you recognize we're now in the Dells area?
Hummm...can you recognize we're now in the Northwoods area?
My car handles great...and these roads are so fun!
And soooo pretty.
Driving from our beautiful 100 year old REAL log cabin on Moose Lake (Virgin Timber Resort)...turning toward town on County B, we pass the Chippewa Inn. A German restaurant where Granny and MaryEllen have gone several times with Moose members.
Hey Granny...look! A casino in Hayward!!
Arrgghhh! AND a McDonald's!

The Cook Shanty was still there, but not open yet in April.

(Can't you just TASTE that warm potato bread, the ton of prime rib and that delicious cold milk...AND PIE!)

Update...we later found out the Cook Shanty is gone! Just the sign remains.

Cook shanty and museum buildings.

But the Clark House and the rest of the area are NOT the same. Here's...where the Clark House USED to sit...but now...there sits a Comfort Inn hotel.

Don't know WHAT happened to the Clark House, which was nowhere to be found. Same holds true for our old church that was moved there! Historyland appears to be, well, history!

The Lumberjack Bowl is still there, but enlarged...with many new shops.
Hay Kay! Look!!! They've opened a new car wash in Hayward!<snicker>
Off to the Fishing Hall of Fame...to crawl inside the big, giant fish and find Genevieve Rybinski's plaque.

The little, old bridge that takes you from the former parking lot near the boat landing...to the swimming area.

Remember all those lazy days fishing from that bridge...Sammie? Wendy?

Remember going here to crack off ice for your cooler, Jimmy?

Except for the fact that many trees/bushes have been cleared from the area...this seems the same.

Driving by that red gate...to the swimming hole.

Hey!!! Who swiped the pier!!! It's GONE!

What fun we had swimming under that pier.

But it's all gone now.
So we turn around, head back through the gate to check out the big fishy.
THAT'S a big fish!

Hey Kay! LOOK!!!

They have TWO new car washes!

No explanation necessary.
Not here...either.

Angler's Weather Rock
(VERY scientific!)

When the rock is wet...it's raining.
When the rock is white...it's snowing.
When the rock is swinging...it's windy.
When the rock is warm...it's sunny.
When you can't see the rock...it's foggy!

This guy was eaten by a fish.
This is the one that got away.
Just inside the big Musky, we find the plaque Granny submitted for Gramma (recognize Harriet's handwriting?)
Genevieve's plaque location (red square), just inside the door.
Greg checkin' out all the fishies...at the base of the stairs to the mouth.
THE mouth!
View from the Muskie's mouth...toward town.
...toward the beach.
Mrs. Sidow's house from the muskie mouth.
Have your picture taken in the boat...fighting THIS fish!
Greg's been eaten!
So has Dian!
Now Dian...
...eats the camera!
Fish displays inside the museum
"I'm crushing your head!"
Scary Garr.
Scary Sturgeon.
Scary Greg!
Paddle fish.
Machines so you don't HAVE to paddle.
Nasty, ugly Salmon.
Ewwwwww. Think of THIS guy next time you're swimming in a lake!
Greg with record Muskie.
Crushing Greg.
Off to tour the town. Nice to see that Pastika's is still just the same.
Bob-O's Drive in is now Re/Max of Hayward!

Coming down our street...there's the Mocasin Bar.

(Unfortunately, they were redecorating and shining up the place for summer. But they were nice and allowed me to show Greg around. Many of the same displays...just rearranged a bit.)

See that parking lot? THAT WAS OUR HOUSE! [sniff, sniff]

The Hayward store sits on the property next to us where the white apartments used to be.

West's dairy...still the same (more or less...slightly different inside).
Shoe's pond.
Remember times when it dried up?
How many times did we go to the post office to get our mail?
Mom's bank.
The Red Arrow.
Trembley's FUDGE!
The other bank...is now a Fantasy gift shop.
Angler's bar is pretty different. The horsey outside is gone...so is the basement bar and window animal displays (several have moved inside the bar, however...it IS nice inside).

We had contemplated booking a room at the Walker Hotel and were SHOCKED to hear it had burned down a couple years ago. This empty lot is where the Walker used to stand!

No Main Street picture postcard HERE!

Years ago, an Indian artist went to all 50 states and carved a Totem pole somewhere in the state. The Wisconsin totem is located in Hayward...next to the Library.
The library (and Humane Society!)
Old Ben's still the same

But the drug store is now a Christmas store.

You could still get a Phosphate (drink) at the fountain in the back when I was last there in 1976!

Karibalis is a big restaurant now in town. We had a great prime rib dinner there!

Modern inside now...but they've preserved lots of the history in pictures all over the walls.

Coast-to-coast is the same...except it's now a True Value.
The county building at the edge of town.
Rounding back around from the end of town...turning down our street...Dakota.
Our Church...the newer St. Joseph.
The Fire House.
Sears, at the end of our street...is now a Cappuccino house!
At the end of our block...that old guy is STILL fixing radios! But it looks like his "in home" fix-it shop has grown!
Our street! That empty lot is 109 Dakota!
109 Dakota Street, Hayward, WI.
We park in...ahem, Apartment 2.
Remember this view...gang? From our front porch...that's the laundromat.
That was the mechanic? Or was it an iron shop? Well, now it's a gift store called "Remember When." How appropriate for the new view from our porch!
Remember sneaking through the break by Angler's to go to town? THAT view in front of the house is still the same!
Breakfast at the Moose Café anyone?
Can't you just see dad parking the car after the trip and heading across the street as we unpack!
This one's for you...Dad!
Hayward Information Booth has moved down the street...but Kentucky Fried Chicken is still there and now McDonald's, too.
So this is the store that bought our lot...it's called Truly Wisconsin
Nice store.
Lots of household items and food stuffs from the area.
Greg chatting with the lady who bought the properties. Nice lady and she knew who I was (Are you a Fontaine?)
We checked out the leather store next door...that used to be the auto mechanic. Cool stuff and LOOK...there's the horse from Angler's! The guy giggled that I recognized it.
Down 27 outta town...around the cool curves to Togatic.
Smith Lake Pavilion. So tell us about those wild nights of dancing there, Jeannette/Carol?
We're off to Togatic.
Down the straight-away on the "new" 27...where Dian kicked her '74 Plymouth Duster up to 105mph...and scared the livin' #$%^! outta myself!
Up to the bridge where the "old" 27 meets.
Togatic flowage!
Our old picnic area (and trash dump!)
Look...all of Jimmy's lures I lost on the line above the damn! [hee, hee]
Good fishin' down there.
The stairs where we've all stood and tossed out a line...and where Jimmy caught a record Blue Gill.
Greg's adds his photo on those stairs to the pile of family photos there.
The highway bridge.
One of our favorite fishing spots...under the bridge. So nice and quiet!

Back to town via "old" 27. And a favorite place to dodge frogs in the highway on a rainy night. Oh look...it's raining!<sigh>


Petronella and Jon Rybinski's grave site.
They started it!
Dian's cool car.
Going topless.
Sexy car or what?
Granny's Moose lodge...lots fun nights there and, of course, the Friday Fish Fry!
A beautiful drive back to our cabin.
So...any guess why they're called "White tail deer?"
Our log cabin...
...very nice!
See...a real cabin. Low ceilings and all!
View of Moose Lake from our cabin.
From our screened porch.
Can you see the red fox in there? He IS there! (In the middle.)
Rollin' outta Hayward the next morning...we stop at a few landmarks for a few final pics. GOTTA drive away those logs!
Kay!!! WOW...look. ANOTHER car wash!!!
The Go Cart track's the same.

The LOGS! Remember fishing there!!!

We didn't think we could get down there again. But we weasled our way through tons of brush and found them. They're quite worn down and there are even MORE warning signs to get out. So, after a few pics, we did.

Hummm...THAT'S where I left that lure 30 yrs ago! [smirk]
What fun days we spent there fishing all day long.
Under the constant hummm of the electric plant.
Driving out along the electric plant.
Mrs. Sidows house across the lake.
I tell Greg how we used to sneak through the fence to fish at the bottom of the damn...so, since the hole is still there...Greg's gotta check it out!
We're gettin' too old for this!
Yes...we used to balance along those boulders to fish.
But the view was worth it!

Goodbye, Hayward! Thanks for the memories!