Welcome do da Islan's, Mon!

It was just time to get away! So off we went to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Greg & I departed O'Hare via American Airlines, very early, to Miami. We had to wait for a replacement plane due to engine trouble [joy!]...and then we headed off to St. Thomas.

If you've never landed in St. Thomas...it's a real trip. The island has been extended to accommodate the runway, so your wheels are nearly touching the ocean BEFORE you see ANY "ground." I was NOT ready for a water landing!

Once landed and luggage claimed, it was a hair raising 45 min trip UP and over the island to the other side where our beautiful island resort awaited. We stayed at Saphire Beach Resort & Marina. A wonderful resort with an incredible LONG white sand beach and a coral reef RIGHT THERE! It was a beautifully relaxing week...in paradise...and I can't wait until we can go back. Only next time, Greg plans to rent a plane there...so we can go island hopping at our own pace!

(We went back to the USVI and this resort again in 2002. Click here to check out these new pictures, too.)


Goodbye, Chicago!
Flying through a sandwich of cloud layers.
Eventually we top above it all.
Along flat cloud cover...THESE guys pop up outta nowhere!
LOOK...it's Bullwinkle J. Moose, Magilla Gorilla and my dog!
The Florida Everglades!

< "Hey...I got this GREAT land in Florida I'd like to sell ya!"

Sorry...but I dig clouds!
We're H-E-E-E-R-E!
We arrive, jump into a covered, open air bus and start our 45 min journey to Sapphire Resort on the far, other side of the island.
Interesting sites along the trip.
Still at sea level, but we're about to go UP!
...and higher...
...and higher...
...and higher...
...and higher!
EXACTLY what I need after THAT ride!
But THIS view from our balcony...was worth the ride!
View to the right.
Our room...
Switch off the camera's backlight...and see OUR view!
A better look.
Hummm...so this place has lizards, eh?
You bedder believe day got lizard here, sweetie!
We got leeddle leezaards...
We got middle size leezaards...
We got old leezaards...
We got king leezaards...
And we got butt ugly leezaards!
Maybe so! But Dian knows how to CRUSH de leezaards!
Cool...they also have Pelicans!
Pelicans resting...
Pelicans swimming...
AND...Pelicans fishing!

< (You'd see them flying around...then gliding as they search...then the wings go back and they SLAM into the water...stay under for some time...then it's back up and off for another round. NOTE the smart seagull who's following him around for scraps.)

So let's tour around the area and see what else is here...

Yes...we ALREADY found the pleasant, breezy bar here.
We can go sailing...
and snorkeling...
...or parasail.
Hummm...and even a bar in the pool!
Well, the DUCKS seem to be enjoying the pool.
Mind if Dian joins you guys?
HUMANS IN THE POOL????? Man, I'm outta here!
Ahhh...THERE'S the pool boy.
Hey mon...you want a towel, maybe a cocktail?
Greg opts for the cocktail.
And a little quiet time by the pool.
Havin' fun, Greg?
Ya mon!
Just watch out...those birds are armed and ready.
Nah, nah...can't get ME, birdy!
Don't be too sure about THAT, lady!
Look out there...I wanna walk out that way!
This beautiful peninsula is used for weddings.
We walk down to the peninsula...
...and of course, find more leezaards!
Down the wedding path...
...to feed the birds at the end.
Greg feeds some, too.
Yup, this is definitely the end of the island.
Greg investigates the terrain.
LOOK! Cool yucky stuff!
Beautiful evenings.
Time to grab some Pina Coladas and retire.
A late night snack for the birds from the balcony.
Snatchin' bread from the rail.
Greg tries to catch the leezaards resting in the trees.
A little souvenir shopping.
Another beautiful night...
...for a walk on the beach.
I agree.
Easier said...than done.
Agree there, too!
A seashell.
A Sea Grape tree.
Man, I just crack myself up!
Greg's not amused.










Time to say goodbye to our island. Time to say goodbye to our island.

Well...we're next in line...
Bye St. Thomas! (sniff, sniff)